Anders Bergcrantz:
Soulfully Yours
Vanguard Music Boulevard
Malmo, Sweden

bergcrantzAnders Bergcrantz is a prize-winning Swedishtrumpeter/composer. He has just released this recording of seven compositions, six of which are his originals and the seventh is composition of his wife, an internationally acclaimed composer, Anna-Lena Laurin.

There are varying personnel on these seven numbers, some with accompanying vocal group which include the composers’ two daughters. The only person which I recognize on the list is veteran American drummer Victor Lewis on It Freezes Now, composition by Mrs. Bergcrantz—Anna-Lena Laurin.

This recording is a challenge for this reviewer, as all songs are new. “Idon’t know how the song is supposed to go!” And it will be a challenging-- rewarding for some, especially trumpet enthusiasts—exercise for the eclectic listener.

This recording will be in the Jazz Room of the West Florida Public Library for check-out by the adventurous listener.