CD Review: ‘Wood and Strings,’ John Stein, Dave Zinno

Wood and Strings

John Stein, acoustic guitar

Dave Zinno, acoustic bass

Whaling City Sound

This is a tasteful, talented duo recording by guitarist John Stein and bassist Dave Zinno. Both are accomplished, multi-recorded musicians. And both were educated at Boston’s Berklee School of Music and have each played in varying groups.

This recording was the result of a month’s duo engagement in a restaurant in New Bedford, Mass. There is an equal mix of jazz standards and tasteful originals for more than an hour of contemplative listening. The performers think and play in beautiful harmony. I’d recommend this for contemplative listening or late-night relaxation. There are no dissonant harmonies or horse-race cadences.

Some jazz standards with which most will be familiar are: I Remember You, Out of Nowhere, Estate’, But Beautiful, Till There Was You, and When Lights Are Low.

I’m glad these two got together and that Neal Weiss, owner of Whaling City Sound, urged them to record.

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