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  • bergcrantz CD Review: 'Soulfully Yours,' Anders Bergcrantz
    Anders Bergcrantz: Soulfully Yours Vanguard Music Boulevard Malmo, Sweden Anders Bergcrantz is a prize-winning Swedishtrumpeter/composer. He has just released this recording of seven compositions, six of which are his originals and the seventh is composition of his wife, an internationally acclaimed composer, Anna-Lena Laurin. There are varying personnel on these seven numbers, some with … Continue reading "CD Review: ‘Soulfully Yours,’ Anders Bergcrantz"...
  • kilgore CD Review: 'This and That,' Rebecca Kilgore and Bernd Lhotzky
    Rebecca Kilgore and Bernd Lhotzky: This and That Arbors Records: ARCD 19455 Recorded April 25-27, 2016 Munich, Germany Here’s a professionally performed CD—just vocal and piano with 15 tunes by Gershwin, Ellington, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern and others. What makes it special is the pairing of Rebecca Kilgore with German pianist Bernd Lhotzky. Many readers … Continue reading "CD Review: ‘This and That,’ Rebecca Kilgore and Bernd Lhotzky"...
  • hefti-cover CD Review: 'Ain't That Right!' by Adrian Cunningham
    ADRIAN CUNNINGHAM Ain’t That Right! The Music of Neal Hefti Arbors Records © 2014 There’s a saying, “Any book is new until you’ve read it.” This could apply to recordings as well. Here’s a CD from 2014 from Arbors Records featuring multi-instrumentalist Adrian Cunningham playing the music of Neal Hefti. It’s a small-group recording with … Continue reading "CD Review: ‘Ain’t That Right!’ by Adrian Cunningham"...
  • hatfield Book/CD Review: '12 Preludes for Solo Guitar'
    12 Preludes for Solo Guitar By Ken Hatfield Music Book and CD Arthur Circle Music While Ken Hatfield’s 12 preludes aren’t exactly in the jazz category, they are lovely pieces in themselves as well as a didactic exercise for guitar student at intermediate or advanced level. Personal disclosure, Hatfield has been a performer at Pensacola’s … Continue reading "Book/CD Review: ’12 Preludes for Solo Guitar’"...
  • enrapture Ken Peplowski jazz CD is charming
    ENRAPTURE Capri Records, Ltd. Ken Peplowski assembled his teammates for this charming CD and chose a variety of tunes, some of which are outside the usual jazz repertoire. His musical associates were pianist Ehud Asherie, bassist Martin Wind and drummer/percussionist Matt Wilson. Of course, likely all who read this column already know that Ken is … Continue reading "Ken Peplowski jazz CD is charming"...
  • The Girshevich Trio CD Review: "Algorithmic Society," The Girshevich Trio
    Algorithmic Society The Girshevich Trio Tapestry Records Here’s an intriguing recording for the adventurous jazz listener. It features then-12 year old drummer, Aleks Girsevich, father and pianist Vlad Girshevich and virtuoso, elder-statesman bassist Eddie Gomez. The title is sort of a double-entendre—Algorithmic Society. The real definition can be stated as a formula for solving a … Continue reading "CD Review: “Algorithmic Society,” The Girshevich Trio"...

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