Access jazz magazines online via Pensacola Library

Jazz magazines such as Jazz Times now are available online through the resources of West Florida Public Libraries.

Norman Vickers, Jazz Pensacola’s Volunteer Executive Director Emeritus, has brought it to our attention that Jazz Times and other jazz magazines now are available to readers online through the resources of the West Florida Public Libraries.

And now, thanks to the kind help of Rob Bremer, senior librarian for adult services, we have the detailed instructions on accessing the magazines online. The instructions are below, but you also can download a handy PDF document for printing by clicking here.

To access online jazz magazines through West Florida Public Libraries

The following are directions to access Jazz Times and other jazz magazines available online through West Florida Public Libraries. As with anything involving technology there are multiple steps involved. Many patrons find it easier to meet with our librarians in person so that the registration process is seamless. Do not hesitate to call Adult Services at (850) 436-5063 or drop by the information/reference desk at the Main Library if you have any problems.

In order to access magazines online you must first register for RB Digital, a one stop shop for free ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines with your library card through West Florida Public Libraries.

Register for RB Digital (Formerly Known as Zinio)

You must register through our website first before you can read the magazines! Do not register using the RB Digital app.

  • Go to our
  • Click Borrow
  • Click Ebooks
  • Click RB Digital- eBooks and eAudio
  • Once RB Digital loads, click on Register in the top right corner.
  • Fill out the fields and click Register. Once you are registered you have two options.

Option 1: Read the magazine directly on your computer

  • Go to our website
  • Click Borrow
  • Click Ebooks
  • Click Zinio-eMagazines (Now known as RB Digital)
  • Click Learn More
  • Click Browse Magazines
  • Search for “jazz times”
  • Click on Checkout
  • Sign in
  • Read Magazine.

*Here is a link available if you would like to cut and paste

*Remember to sign in if using the above link.

Option 2: Read the magazine on a device of your choosing (Must have apps) (NO Kindle Paperwhites)

  • Download the RBDigital App though your app store
  • Follow the prompts to set up the app. (Be sure to use the same email and password as when you
  • Select the magnifying glass in the upper right corner
  • Select Magazines
  • Type “jazz times” into the search box
  • Select the magazine
  • Hit the red “Checkout” icon
  • Hit the green “Read” icon
  • Swipe left to turn the page.

Please do not hesitate to call Adult Services (850) 436-5063 or drop by our second floor desk if you have any problems.

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