Drum Roll, Please: Jazz Pensacola returns, sorta

Jazz Pensacola President Fred Domulot

Greetings, jazz friends. I am reaching out to all members and future members.

Yes, we thought about doing our 37th Annual Pensacola JazzFest in November, but it just could not happen. So, keep a look out for plans to relaunch the festival April 10-11, 2021. Details to follow.

In the meantime, we are moving forward with Jazz Jams at an awesome new location — The 5 Barrel, a great new brewery on South Palafox, downtown Pensacola. Owners Jason Mosley and Tom Akin have opened their doors for Jazz Jams on the first Wednesday of each month. Yes, we have changed the day. Remember relaunching?

We are planning some cool and exciting Jazz Gumbos, too. More info to follow.

Get ready to rock…I mean jazz! And, as always, we will continue to practice safe social etiquette.

See you soon! We’re back! Sorta!

Fred Domulot
President, Jazz Pensacola

Drum Roll, Please: Improvisation


Jazz is a kind of music in which improvisation is typically an important part. In jazz performances, players play solos that they make up on the spot, which requires tremendous skill.


  1. Return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.
    “Fred is recovering from shock.”
  2. Find or regain possession of (something stolen or lost)
    “Sargent Dave recovered a stolen sousaphone.”

We are in a Jazz Recovery. Nothing is normal. The Jazz Pensacola board continues with Zoom meetings. We are looking forward to getting back in the jazz arena. We “want” our jazz jams, jazz gumbos, our jazz events. However, we still “need” to be safe. That being said, we find ourselves improvising like jazz musicians getting the chance to play a solo. For safety reasons, we canceled the gumbos and jams, the Student Jazz Competition and Pensacola JazzFest!

But as improvisation would step in, we had our first student competition via recordings to the judges. It was a success. We are looking to have the Pensacola JazzFest in November — the weekend of the 14th and 15th. Improvisation took us to that date.

When this pandemic hit, everyone was affected. Jobs, schools, churches, sports, beaches, concerts, parks, theaters, restaurants, graduations, weddings and even funerals. Live music stopped.

We also lost many jazz legends to this virus — Marcelo Peralta, Manu Dibango, Mike Longo, Wallace Roney, Lee Konitz, Eddy Davis, Bucky Pizzarelli, Ellis Marsalis. It doesn’t stop there. So many others.

None of this really makes sense to me. In high school, I remember reading a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. “Accept whatever comes, and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.” This has been one of those things that stayed in my head.

We are taking the steps to a full recovery. Small steps. Improvisation at its best hour! I hope and know I will be seeing you soon.

Stay tuned. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


Fred Domulot
Jazz Pensacola

Two musicians and a drummer are at a bar …

Drum Roll, Please: The New Normal

The times, yes, they are a-changing.

Jazz Pensacola President Fred Domulot

Here we are living in a time none of us have ever lived before. This is a first.

Carefully planning a simple task: Should I go to the grocery store? If I do, should I sanitize my groceries, cans, bottles? Should I sanitize my mail? Should I sanitize my sanitizer?

It has become the new normal. It is the daily routine.

Teachers are learning a new way to teach with Zoom, Google Hang and Skype. This is the new normal.

Schools are empty. The new classroom for my wife, me and daughter is a screen with faces of classmates and students.

Musicians are reaching out online to keep the lights on. Some have had to learn about Venmo and PayPal.

This is the new normal.

Friends, we are in this together. We must keep a positive attitude. We must be nice. Most importantly, we need to be safe and smart. Abide. Do the distancing. We will get through to the other side of this. We can always reschedule events, parties, jazz festivals, church gatherings, etc. But we cannot reschedule a life. Once it is canceled, gig over.

This is a great time to do inventory of your music collection. This is a time to do an inventory of yourself. Ourselves. Let’s keep each other healthy and out of harms way. In the big picture, we only have each other.

We need to keep believing and live with hope.

Fred Domulot
Jazz Pensacola
“Give Peace and Hope a Chance”

Drum Roll, Please: Let’s Teach Some Jazz!


Greetings, friends.

This past week (Jan. 7-10), I was able to attend the Jazz Education Network Conference in New Orleans! And what a conference!

From the moment you walk in, you are deciding what clinic or concert do I go to? Tom Latenser and I took the Northwest Florida State College Jazz Ensemble to this event. The jazz ensemble played there the last time it was in New Orleans. This time we went to watch. 

Here is a list of players we checked out: Dave Stryker, The Brubeck Brothers, Tia Fuller, Sean Jones, Chucho Valdes, Ricky Sebastian, Howard Levy, Victor Wooten, Matt Wilson, Rosana Eckert, Bria Skonberg, Terrell Stafford, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Johnny Vidacovich, Rick Margitza, Tom “Bones” Malone, Dave Liebman, Adam Nussbaum and Gene Perla.

Exhausted yet? Try being there!

Also, we got to see past Pensacola JazzFest artists Mike Pellera and Bob Sheppard. On a very cool note, we got to hear the great Navy Commodores with Pensacola native Steve Williams playing his next-to-last performance before his retirement.

This is a conference not to be missed if you can ever get to one. You will remember it always!


Fred Domulot
Jazz Pensacola President

Drum Roll, Please: I get it, do you?

Jazz Pensacola President Fred Domulot

I get it …

I’m a jazz fan! I love jazz! It’s the best music in the world! I can be part of this! I am part of it!

However … I’m not going to come to this event … because …

That’s not jazz! That’s just loud noise! If I do come … I’m leaving after the giveaways!

Friends, we put the events on for you. The musicians put the programs together for you. Maybe you are not fans of all of the selections. Maybe you just don’t know. Look, I get it, it’s not what they play in town at the other weekly events. We are not trying to be the usual weekly event. We are a monthly experience, trying to give you a different perspective of what jazz is about. Try it with an open mind and ear … find the music in it. It’s there … really.

Pensacola is a happening jazz town … .we can be part of it … really.

I get it … do you?

Fred Domulot
AFM 389
“Give Peace A Chance”

Drum Roll, Please: A Foo Foo kind of weekend


Jazz Pensacola and the Foo Foo Festival! Whew! What a weekend!

Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 2 & 3, Jazz Pensacola sponsored the Jazz Stage with International Paper at the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival. Holly Shelton with Bob Andrews and John Link….Nobius…..Isabelle Schrack Band….and Rhythm Express. What a great alternative!
And a huge shout out to John Link for providing sound.

But, wait! Monday night! At Vinyl on Nov. 4, we held our Foo Foo Festival event featuring Big Bad VooDoo Daddy and opening act Village Brass. We had a great turnout! The bands were on fire! People could not stand still! Village Brass got it started, and then BBVD took it home!

Thanks to Foo Foo Festival! Thank you Alice Crann Good….Ali Hayes Egan….Dustin Bonifay…Paul Bruno…Carolyn Tokson…Dave Schmidt…John Eisinger…Tom Bell…and comrade John Link. It worked because of this team. I thank you!

Stay tuned. It’s getting interesting!

Fred Domulot
Jazz Pensacola President