Drum Roll, Please: Jazz is on the rise … kinda

Greetings, jazz folks. I just wanted to check in with you. Hope that all is well with you. Jazz Pensacola is still here.

The state of the world is like we’ve never seen…safety always first. While jazz is on the rise, so is the pandemic.

We at Jazz Pensacola have decided to continue with our monthly Jazz Jams at The 5 Barrel in downtown Pensacola. If you are able, please come support this effort. We will possibly do a live feed of the events, too.

We did try a Jazz Gumbo for November. The music was some of the best ever! James Green’s tribute to Wes Montgomery was spot on!

However, it seems too premature to try the gumbos. We have decided to suspend them until further notice.

Now, the good news.

We are planning our 2021 Pensacola JazzFest for the month of May – the weekend of May 15-16. At this time, this is our plan. We will keep you posted.

In the meantime:

“How does a jazz musician end up with 1 million dollars? By starting out with 2 million dollars.”

Fred Domulot
Jazz Pensacola President

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