Drum Roll, Please: The New Normal

The times, yes, they are a-changing.

Jazz Pensacola President Fred Domulot

Here we are living in a time none of us have ever lived before. This is a first.

Carefully planning a simple task: Should I go to the grocery store? If I do, should I sanitize my groceries, cans, bottles? Should I sanitize my mail? Should I sanitize my sanitizer?

It has become the new normal. It is the daily routine.

Teachers are learning a new way to teach with Zoom, Google Hang and Skype. This is the new normal.

Schools are empty. The new classroom for my wife, me and daughter is a screen with faces of classmates and students.

Musicians are reaching out online to keep the lights on. Some have had to learn about Venmo and PayPal.

This is the new normal.

Friends, we are in this together. We must keep a positive attitude. We must be nice. Most importantly, we need to be safe and smart. Abide. Do the distancing. We will get through to the other side of this. We can always reschedule events, parties, jazz festivals, church gatherings, etc. But we cannot reschedule a life. Once it is canceled, gig over.

This is a great time to do inventory of your music collection. This is a time to do an inventory of yourself. Ourselves. Let’s keep each other healthy and out of harms way. In the big picture, we only have each other.

We need to keep believing and live with hope.

Fred Domulot
Jazz Pensacola
“Give Peace and Hope a Chance”

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