Drum Roll, Please: Trying times

Trying times, indeed.

Jazz Pensacola President Fred Domulot

We are in the summer months still trying to plan how to hold a Jazz Pensacola event. it is very frustrating.

Just when you think it is safe to go back in the water (“Jaws” theme in a jazzier version ), no it is not. Yes, we planned a July Jazz Jam and Jazz Gumbo, only to cancel.

Safety first. Nobody needs to be reckless. We certainly do not. Truth is, we are not sure when we will be ready to have an event — an event where everyone feels they are not in harms way if they attend; an event where no one feels on edge by the fact a musician is blowing air through a horn, a vocalist is projecting breath, all in the air. Outside? Many feel it’s too hot. We are in Florida.

We will continue to plan, and, of course, hope for the best — the best time when we are all OK with being together. We are in the middle of a jazz improvisation section, waiting to play the melody again. It’s not time.

Stay healthy. Listen to Coltrane.

Please continue to support Jazz Pensacola.

We are still here.

Trying times…yes.

Fred Domulot
President Jazz Pensacola

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