Drum Roll, Please: You Can’t Please Everyone, Even Jazz Fans

Sometimes the fight just ain’t there.

Ever had a moment when everything you did was wrong? The feeling you had as a 10-year-old when getting the word you were not 100 percent in the school spelling bee…the first time you fell off the bike, post training wheels…the time you opened your lunchbox and realized you got your brother’s or sister’s awful food…the moment you realized the teachers just forgot (not intentionally) your ribbon of achievement.

They say that you can’t please everybody. Correct.

The same goes for jazz.

Dixieland is not everyone’s cup of tea. Smooth jazz is not for everyone..bebop…not for everyone…Latin jazz…not for everyone….fusion…forget that one. Fusion often causes the comment: ”That’s not our kind of music, too loud, you can’t dance to it!”

Truth is, music is music. I tell students to hear and find the music in every style. Imagine being a 10-year-old going to a buffet for the first time. You see all of this food. You taste it. Some stuff you like, love, adore…can’t get enough of it. Other stuff? Well, you tasted it, and in the future you skip over it. But at least you know what it tastes like.
Music can be like that. Just eat off of the menu. Save room for desert!
So friends, we hope you have enjoyed the smorgasbord of “jazz” that Jazz Pensacola has offered!

Try not to fight it. Sometimes, the fight just ain’t there.


Fred Domulot
Jazz Pensacola

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