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Local patrons of downtown branch West Florida Public can explore new additions to the collection which is currently valued at $20,000.  Most of the holdings are available for check-out.

Jazz and Justice; Racism and the Political Economy of the Music, by Gerald Horne.  © 2019 Monthly Review Press.  The author, Gerald Horne, is professor of African American History at University of Houston.  Professor Horne discusses difficulties of black and mixed-race musicians in their efforts to make a living in the jazz world.  In addition to Jim Crow laws and customs, black musicians were usually paid less than their white counterparts and were frequently cheated on royalty payments.  There are extensive end notes documenting his statements.  

Ornette Coleman; The Territory and the Adventure by Maria Golia.  © 2020 TJ International, pp.368. Maria Golia was manager of Caravan of Dreams Performing Arts Center, Fort Worth Texas, Coleman’s home town. She now lives and works from Cairo, Egypt.  This is a comprehensive biography of a unique musical artist.  

The Jazz Pilgrimage of Gerald Wilson by Steven Loza © University of Mississippi Press pp.189.   Foreword by Anthony Wilson, Gerald Wilson’s son.  Gerald Wilson a black trumpeter, bandleader and composer born in the Mississippi Delta had a long career on the west coast.    Loza’s biography traces Wilson’s life through various phases.

Paul Desmond—The Complete 1975 Toronto Recordings. Mosaic Records.  7 CDs and Illustrated booklet with concise biography and liner notes by Doug Ramsey.  Most people know that Desmond was part of the Dave Brubeck group for many years.  Desmond was co-composer of the famous Take Five recording by Brubeck’s group.  After Desmond left the Brubeck group, he rarely recorded with piano.  This set of recordings were made with small group in Toronto and featured guitarist Ed Bickert.

Patrons are reminded, too, that the Jazz Room also includes a definitive biography by Doug Ramsey.  This biography, added to the collection several years ago, is now out of print.

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