2023 Pensacola JazzFest Poster Design Time
JazzFest Celebrating 40 Years


Pensacola, FL — Jazz Pensacola, a non-profit organization, invites fine artists/graphic designers to submit renderings for the official 2023 Pensacola JazzFest poster.

The commission is $500. 

The Jazz Pensacola Board of Directors will consider all renderings and make a selection.

Initial drafts are due by Jan. 31, 2023. If selected, the completed submission deadline is Feb. 28, 2023.

Pensacola JazzFest is celebrating its 40th Anniversary! The 2023 Pensacola JazzFest is slated for April 1-2. An annual two-day music festival focusing on the art of jazz and primarily on the local/regional jazz music scene, the festival traditionally occurs in Seville Square in historic downtown Pensacola. The poster design should reflect the deep, rich, diverse jazz music heritage of Pensacola and communicate a sense of place.

Submission Requirements
Submissions should conform to a vertical orientation using a ratio that will fit, with margin, on a final poster size of 18 inches wide by 24 inches high. All content must be the submitter’s original creation, and must be unpublished. The submitter must have all rights to images and graphics used in the final artwork and during the design process. The poster must include the name of the festival: 2023 Pensacola JazzFest and especially its 40th Anniversary in some fashion.

The festival event information, including date, location, sponsors, and any additional information will be added to the poster in the graphic production process. There is no need to include this information within the artwork.

Any mixed media suitable for two-dimensional mechanical reproduction is allowed, including both hand-drawn and computer-generated graphics.

Rough drafts or sketches can be submitted but, if selected, the final art MUST conform to the submitted draft or sketch. Substantial deviation from the submitted sketch or draft will result in forfeiture by the artist of the cash prize and the selection of a new winner by Jazz Pensacola.

Submissions must be in low-res (72 ppi) JPEG format and emailed to [email protected]. There is no limit to the number of entries by a single artist. Each entry must include the artist’s name, address, email, and telephone number.

The selected artist is responsible for the preparation of the art for high-resolution reproduction. The artist will be contacted following the selection process and receive technical specifications for the production file.

All profits from any sale featuring the poster’s original artwork will go to Jazz Pensacola, a non-profit organization. The sole financial consideration for the artist is $500.

Jazz Pensacola will reproduce the winning poster for sale during the festival and other Jazz Pensacola events. Only a limited number of signed copies of the poster are available for sale each year. The artist will be asked to sign the posters.

The selected art becomes the property of Jazz Pensacola. Poster may be displayed and reproduced at the sole discretion of Jazz Pensacola. In addition, the poster artwork and design will be included in the festival program, website, social media, collateral, press releases, signage, etc.

The artist/graphic designer retains the copyright of the design image, but Jazz Pensacola reserves the right to unlimited reproduction and use of the image or parts of the image for arts festival materials and products for sale.

The determination of eligibility of submissions and any interpretation of these rules is at the sole discretion of Jazz Pensacola, and shall be final and binding upon all entrants.

Participants agree to allow Jazz Pensacola to use their names and photographs for promotional and publicity purposes without further compensation. Participants agree to abide by and be bound by all these rules.

Jazz Pensacola is a non-profit organization of business and professional people, musicians, teachers, students and listeners working together for the purpose of advancing jazz music and education in Pensacola and the surrounding area.

For more information, call Jazz Pensacola administrator Raveen Kyles at (850) 433-8382, M-Th 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., or visit