Jazz Pensacola memberships and donations keep America’s music going and growing. Jazz Pensacola’s annual budget runs around $100,000. In addition to memberships and individual donations, other income includes local and state grants, corporate sponsorships and merchandise/beverage sales at JazzFest. The Pensacola JazzFest represents the most costly yearly project with expenses in the $40,000 to $45,000 range. Jazz Pensacola is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which means that applicable portions of your gift or support may be tax deductible (see your tax advisor). A copy of the 1985 IRS Letter of Determination is available on request to Jazz Pensacola office. See the options for annual membership below.

To sign up or donate online, click here.

Pay by check by downloading the member/donation form here

Basic Annual Support Levels

These basic levels all include discounted admission to monthly events.

  • Individual – $40
  • Couples – $60
  • Corresponding (outside a 100-mile perimeter) – $20
  • Student – $5

Jazz Pensacola Event Card ($80)

  • Good for 10 monthly events where admission is $10.
  • Amounts to $8 admission cost; purchased and used by Jazz Pensacola members only.
  • Wallet sized card with 10 squares; hole punched at admissions desk.
  • Purchased at Jazz Pensacola office or events.
Advanced Jazz Pensacola Membership Levels

Partner: $150

  • Dues: $40
  • Prepaid admissions: $110 (15 x $10 admissions = $150 value for $110 = $7.33 per)

Patron: $250 per individual; $270 per couple

  • Dues: $40, individual; couple, $60
  • Prepaid admissions: $110 (15 x $10 admission = $150 value = $7.33 per)
  • VIP donation: $100.

Benefactor: $500

  • Dues: $60
  • Prepaid admissions: $140 (20 x $10 admissions = $200 value = $7 per)
  • VIP donation: $200
  • JETS donation: $100.

Sponsor: $1,000

  • Dues: $60
  • Prepaid admissions: $200 (30 x $10 admissions = $300 value = $6.66 per)
  • VIP donation: $300
  • JETS donation: $100.
  • Sponsorship donation: $340

Note: Exact distribution of donations as Sponsor wishes (inform person, ask how they want to distribute donation)

If paying by check, mail application and check payable to Jazz Pensacola to:

Jazz Pensacola
3 West Garden St., Suite 418
Pensacola, FL 32502-5633


Acknowledgement letter/membership card will be sent to the specified mailing address.

Sign up or donate online here.

Download membership application for submission by mail (PDF, 120K) here.

Donation Opportunities

Jazz Pensacola conducts two main projects that depend heavily on special donations from the membership. We invite you to help support Pensacola JazzFest as a JazzFest VIP Donor and our Jazz Education Program and Student Jazz Competition as a Jazz Education Team Supporter, also known as JETS.

VIP Badge

If you haven’t been a VIP donor in the past but have attended JazzFests, you may have noticed the nice tent strategically placed to see both stages, with people sitting in the shade sipping soft drinks and enjoying snacks. This special tent is for our VIP donors and corporate sponsors. You can become a VIP donor for only $100 (or more if you wish), and invite a guest to join you in the VIP tent. Your name will also be listed in the program as a VIP, acknowledging your special contribution toward making Pensacola JazzFest a reality.

Remember, Pensacola JazzFest may be free to the public, but it is not free to Jazz Pensacola. As an organization, we have bills to pay. We need to maximize fundraising of corporate and personal donations to ensure the future of Pensacola JazzFest. Your contribution helps substantially in keeping our $40,000-plus JazzFest alive and well.

Please consider joining the other VIP donors by giving a special contribution and enjoying the best seat in the house.

JETS Badge

Jazz Pensacola conducts two main projects that depend heavily on special donations from the membership: Pensacola JazzFest and its Jazz Education Program highlighted by the annual Student Jazz Competition.

To assist the Jazz Education Program, under the donation title Jazz Education Team Supporters (JETS), Jazz Pensacola invites you to become a JETS member by making a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more.

When we launched jazz education initiatives in 2010, it was a brand-new effort by the Jazz Society of Pensacola to reach out to younger musicians, as they begin their lifetime adventure with music. The first year’s program included our first Student Jazz Competition and 12 in-school workshops, presented by top musician educators who worked one-on-one with area middle and high school jazz bands.

To date, more than $22,000 in awards has gone to students to use toward jazz camps, school tuition, purchase and repair of musical instruments, and lessons, helping young musicians continue their development. Encouraging and supporting students is vital to the future of America’s music—Jazz.

Now, as we near our ninth year, our main goal is to continue with the 2019 Student Jazz Competition. As a JETS member, you will help make the next Student Jazz Competition possible. You will be recognized with our special thanks on the Jazz Pensacola website,, and in the program for the ninth annual Student Jazz Competition planned for Monday, March 18, 2019 at Phineas Phogg’s in Seville Quarter.

Please send your JETS donation as a check payable to Jazz Pensacola to: Jazz Pensacola, 3 West Garden St., Suite 418, Pensacola FL 32502-5633. Or donate via credit card by phoning the office, (850) 433-8382, during office hours, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Thursday. JETS donations are tax-deductible contributions, and any amount you choose to give will be greatly appreciated.

We hope you will give that extra support to our jazz education programs, highlighted by the annual Student Jazz Competition, and the young jazz musicians we seek to encourage, develop and inspire.

Thank you for supporting Jazz Pensacola.

Fred Domulot
President, Jazz Pensacola

Here are our JETS donors for 2018:

  • Bob Byrnes
  • John and Myrl Eisinger
  • Paul and Marliese Herrick
  • Ralph E. Knowles
  • Tom and Mary Sylte
  • Carolyn Tokson and Jeff Elliot
  • Dr. F. Norman and Betty Vickers
  • Roger and Kat Villines
  • Dave and Lyndi Kessler
  • Knox and Holly Parker
  • Arnold Seligman
  • Horizen Restaurant/Alice Chiang
  • Tom and Kathy Lyon
  • Dave Jenson
  • Avalex Technologies
The F. Norman Vickers Artist in Residence Fund

On the thirtieth anniversary year of Jazz Pensacola, the Board of Directors announced the establishment of The F. Norman Vickers Artist In Residence Fund (VARF) in honor of our founder. This is the first permanent fund created by the Society, and it offers an exciting new avenue for your support.

The F. Norman Vickers Artist In Residence Fund is designated to further the long term mission of the Jazz Pensacola. It would support bringing noted jazz musicians and educators to Pensacola to provide instruction, performance and assistance to our membership and community constituents. The jazz artists selected would be made available for workshops and instruction to area schools and institutions of higher learning. The artist in residence would also provide special concerts that would augment the existing scheduled performances of Jazz Pensacola.

Contributions to, and earnings from the F. Norman Vickers Artist In Residence Fund, will be kept and reported on separately from other Jazz Pensacola finances and activities. Rules for fund administration and financial reports will be made available to members and donors upon request. As a designated fund, the F. Norman Vickers Artist in Residence Fund meets the requirements of the 501(c) (3) not for profit requirements, and expenditures from the Fund are restricted to its stated purposes.

Please consider contributing to the goals of this important and exciting venture, personally, or in honor of a birthday, anniversary, or in memory of a loved one. You may also find it an appropriate estate planning option. Make contributions payable to The F. Norman Vickers Artist in Residence Fund / VARF and mail your check to Jazz Pensacola, 3 West Garden St., Suite 418 • Pensacola, FL 32502-5633.